Monday, April 23, 2007

Two Easy Ways to Improve Your Local Search Results

Does your business show up in local search results? If someone types in your location and business type, does your website show up (for example "attorneys in springfield ohio")?
If not, here are couple things you can do right now on Google to help that.
First, let's make sure Google knows about your business:
Step 1. Go to
Step 2. Choose Find Businesses
Step 3. Enter your search, e.g. "Attorneys" and "Springfield, Ohio"
Step 4. Look to see if your business shows up
Step 5. If it doesn't, or the information is incorrect, you can add it for free here.

What if you have more than one location? You can use the same link above to add multiple locations. I have an additional strategy for you as well: Create your own public map on Google Maps.
Google recently introduced a new feature that allows everyone with a Google account ( you can get one free, you already have one if you use gmail/analytics/adsense/adwords) to create custom maps that are public AND included in their search results. So, let's say you are a bankruptcy attorney. You could create a map of attorney practices in your area, and of course include your own practice. This map will show up for relevant searches.
To create your own Google map, go to, choose My Maps and sign in. Make sure you make the map public if you want it to show up in searches.

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