Friday, January 26, 2007

Buy John Elway's Furniture!

Even though it has nothing to do with online marketing, I have to comment on an ad I heard on sports radio last night.
John Elway has a furniture line at Sam's Club, and they are promoting it with a spot where Mr. Elway thinks they are taking his *actual* furniture. Hilarious (<---- sarcasm!). I fail to see the connection between John Elway and furniture. That got me thinking about why some endorsements are successful and some are not. Here's what I came up with:

- Pick a celebrity where the endorsement makes sense from a product standpoint. Model Kathy Ireland and fashion? Sure. Chuck Norris and fitness equipment? Ok. John Elway and furniture? Uhmm, no.

- Pick a celebrity with magnetic personality. The kind that could sell anything. Works especially well with TV infomercials. George Foreman talking about a food related product. Yes! Yes! John Elway (boring) hawking furniture (boring): No! No! No!

- Pick a celebrity who is hot right now. Think 50 cent and bottled water, J-Lo and just about anything. Elway's heyday was what, ten years ago?

- Pick a celebrity who will appeal to your demographic. Prime example: marketing your Buick to old people? Hire Tiger Woods! Old people love golf, and they love Tiger! (now that I think about it though, Tiger driving a Buick is not very believable. Kind of like him hawking Centrum Silver. Yeah, he's popular, but it's not a great fit).

So where does John Elway and furniture fit into this.
Magnetic personality? Nope.
Hot right now? Nope.
Appeals to demographic? John Elway: appeals mostly to men, especially nostalgic sports fanatics Furniture: primarily women buyers, I would think.

I give this promo a big fat F! ( in case you cared)

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the benevolent general krull said...

did you notice that at the end of the commercial when elway is "confused" and the other guy says that it's too late to "cancel" the furniture movers... elway responds by saying, "how about i cancel your face!" it just sounded so aggressive and out of place. i couldn't stop laughing.

Matt said...

I worked at a radio station when this spot started running and immediately thought it was one of the funniest things I've heard. I made a drop out of the part where he threatens face cancellation, and our news guy and I laughed for months about that.

It's still a joke more than a year later. Thank you John Elway, and please leave my face uncancelled.